Can I Use A Flat Roof As A Balcony?



Do you need planning permission for flat roof decking?

Putting up decking, or other raised platforms, in your garden is permitted development, not needing an application for planning permission, providing: The decking is no more than 30cm above the ground.

Can you sit on a flat roof?

While your roof is certainly designed to withstand many things, lounging is likely not one of them. Sitting on your roof could cause you personal injury, roof damage, or even structural damage to your home.

Can I put a roof on my balcony?

The answer is usually 'Yes', because it affects the exterior of your property. Balconies are in the 'platforms' category: think roof terraces or high level decking. Anything above 30cm is not a Permitted Development – but do not be deterred – because balconies are desirable features for resale too.

How much weight can a flat roof hold UK?

A minimum requirement is for roofs to be able to support a concentrated weight of 300lbs. Concentrated weight means that this load is placed directly on a single area on the roof. A good estimate when considering a commercial flat roof is that it should be able to support a 300lb HVAC unit in a single 2.5×2.5ft space.

Can I put decking on my flat roof?

Many before you have asked the question, “Can you put decking on a flat roof?” - and the answer is yes. That is assuming that your roof is strong enough to support support the weight. You'll want to start with consulting a local contractor to make sure the surface is fit for decking.

Can you put potted plants on flat roof?

Rooftop garden

Try arranging potted plants on your flat roof – you could grow flowering plants to attract bees and butterflies, start your own herb garden, or even grow your own fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes and strawberries grow happily in pots and will love the sunshine.

Can I build a shed on my flat roof?

A flat roof has a pitch of 10 degrees or lower.

The main material used for a shed with a flat roof is bitumen mineral felt on top of sheet metal or plywood roofing boards. If choosing a flat roof, keep in mind this will most likely require more frequent maintenance to prevent leaking.

Can you add a balcony to a flat UK?

Please note that if you want to build a veranda, balcony, decking area or raised platform in the grounds of a flat then planning permission will always be required. In addition if a building to which it relates is a listed building, then both planning permission and listed building consent would be required.

Can you walk on a flat roof extension?

Flat Roof Surfaces You Can Walk On

Whether its BUR (Built-up Roofing), TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin), Modified Bitumen, or Single Ply Roofing, your roofing professional can apply the right waterproofing membrane to make it possible to walk on.

Can I turn my flat roof into a roof terrace?

In most cases, an existing flat roof will be used to create a roof terrace. In concrete or steel frame buildings, the existing flat roof is likely to have enough structural strength for a terrace, because the roof is constructed like the floor structures below.

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How much weight can a flat roof hold?

Any commercial flat roof that was built to California building standards can hold 300 pounds concentrated, or 300 pounds placed in an area measuring 2.5 by 2.5 feet. That means that a functioning roof that is up to basic standards can hold you and may accommodate basic HVAC equipment.

Should there be standing water on my flat roof?

Ponding is when water collects in pools on a flat roof after a period of heavy rain and doesn't drain off once the rain has stopped. Whilst brief and occasional ponding is acceptable on a flat roof, regular or long-lasting ponding could be an indication that there is an issue with the roof that needs to be addressed.

How do you strengthen a flat roof?

Does a flat roof need a wall plate?

No you didn't need a wallplate in this scenario, indeed millions of flat roofs around the country don't have them as they're not required and a waste of timber. 100mm bearing is more than adequate.

How much weight can a patio roof hold?

California building code sets minimum standards for roof load-bearing capacity. At minimum, any roof which may be used by maintenance workers must hold 300 pounds concentrated. Concentrated means that this weight can be held by any one spot on the roof.

Can you step anywhere on a roof?

However, you should avoid walking on your roof whenever possible. There are safety and insurance issues your risk by stepping on your own roof. Also, you could damage your shingles or other roof materials by stepping on them.

How do you install a deck over a flat roof?

What is flat roof decking?

Flat Roof Surface Protection. Flat Roof - Deck. Deck. A 'deck' is the structural substrate of a flat roof and should be capable of supporting the static and dynamic design loads as well as any loads occurring during construction from machinery and plant.

Can you put decking on a flat roof UK?

If you have a flat roof that needs renovating, now is the perfect time to consider installing roof decking. If you are considering installing a roof deck on an old flat roof, then you'll need to have it checked out by a professional to ensure it's strong enough to support a deck.

What can I plant on a flat roof?

Best Plants and Vegetables for Terrace Gardens

If so, there are many types of succulents and cacti that require only minimal irrigation, making them excellent for roofs. Certain sun-loving flowers, such as daisies, marigolds and zinnias are good choices.

Can I put a planter on my roof?

Yes. If you are building raised beds on a rooftop, planter bottoms are recommended to for soil drainage. Consult with a professional before setting up large gardens on rooftops to make sure the total weight of the beds, including soil and water, does not exceed weight limitations.

What can you grow on a roof terrace?

Plants suitable for Roof Terraces, Balconies and Patios

  • Olive Trees are an Excellent Roof Terrace Plant… Slow growing trees such as Olive Trees would be most suitable.
  • Topiary Plants are an elegant Roof Terrace addition…
  • Plants with Dramatic Foliage…
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    Does a flat roof need a pitch?

    What Pitch is a Flat Roof? If flat roofs are to work well, they have to have a slope, known as a fall, to shed rainwater. The fall should never be less than 1:80 and preferably about 1:40.

    How do you slope a flat roof?

    For drainage purposes, the current building codes require a minimum two percent slope or a one-fourth unit vertical for every 12 units horizontal. In other words, the roof must slope one-fourth of an inch for every 12 inches. The slope is barely noticeable to the naked eye.

    How deep is a flat roof?

    Around the world, many modern commercial buildings have flat roofs. The roofs are usually clad with a deeper profile roof sheet (usually 40mm deep or greater). This gives the roof sheet very high water carrying capacity and allows the roof sheets to be more than 60 metres long in some cases.

    Do balconies add value?

    As well as allowing you to soak up some extra rays, balconies can add a significant amount of value to your property. It's not really surprising that, due to the extra sun catching opportunity, and up to 12% added property value, balconies are becoming more popular than ever.

    Do you need planning permission for a small balcony?

    One of the first questions customers ask us when they're looking to buy a balcony is “will I need planning permission?” The simple answer for UK property owners is: yes, in most cases.

    How much value does a balcony add to a house?

    New research has found that the presence of a roof terrace or balcony typically adds more than one-tenth to the value of a property, rising to as much as a quarter in coveted areas.

    Can I stand on my extension roof?

    In general, walking on the roof of your property isn't a safe. Any repairs that require access are best left to the professionals, but if you're an expert DIYer (and have a good head for heights) you might want to try minor jobs yourself.

    How often does a flat roof need to be replaced?

    But what happens when your flat roof is in need of a replacement? On average, flat roofing may need replacing or at least repairing around every 15 – 20 years.

    How long do flat roof extensions last?

    It is usually bonded to the substrate with adhesive and, done well, can last 30 to 50 years. The material is lightweight, reasonably stretchy and very durable. Costs are typically around 25% dearer than for a quality felt roof.

    How much value does a roof terrace add?

    Research has found that the addition of a roof terrace can typically add more than one-tenth to the value of a property - and this could rise to as much as a quarter in highly desired areas!

    Is it safe to climb on my roof?

    We suggest the following safety precautions when working on the roof: *Don't walk on a roof any more than necessary; you may cause more harm than good. Stay off tile or slate roofs completely they're slippery and breakable. *Let professionals make repairs on a steeply pitched roof, one that slopes more than 25 degrees.

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    Is it safe to stand on a roof?

    Walking on your roof (unless absolutely necessary)

    Walking on your asphalt shingles can leave the shingles bare, dislodge them or create gaps that can increase the potential for leaks. While it's recommended that you stay off of your roof as much as possible, unavoidable incidents may make that difficult.

    Should I sit on my roof?

    First, most home roofs just aren't designed for walking or sitting on. While your roof is designed to withstand a wide variety of abuse and damage, the simple act of walking or sitting on a roof creates a hazard that the roof isn't necessary made to withstand.

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    Thereby, you need to make things new in order to develop your outdoor space. Example of a roof terrace; a flat roof converted into a garden. You need the help of a professional roofer before you embark on transforming your deck into a garden. Landscaping on a certain elevation will have implications on weight.

    A minimum requirement is for roofs to be able to support a concentrated weight of 300lbs. Concentrated weight means that this load is placed directly on a single area on the roof. A good estimate when considering a commercial flat roof is that it should be able to support a 300lb HVAC unit in a single 2.5×2.5ft space.

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