Can Thule Keys Be Replaced?



What do you do if you lose your Thule key?

Replacement keys or cylinders can be purchased from the Keys and Locks page on If the keys were lost and this number was not written down, contact a local Thule dealer and inquire if they have the Thule Master Key Ring which can be used to identify the matching key. Replacement keys can then be ordered here.

How do you match Thule keys?

To order keys to match lock cylinders already installed in a Thule product, you will need the identification number stamped on the face of the lock or on the matching key. Most Thule keys and locks have an "N###" code. Newer Thule locks do not have the number stamped on the face.

How do I unlock Thule without a key?

Can you get Thule keys cut?

We actually don't manufacture the keys but order directly from Thule. If you were to cut a generic key to use for a Thule lock, you might run into some problems but you can try. I recommend getting a replacement key that is made by Thule.

Where do I find my Thule key code?

The Thule Key Code can be found on the head of your original key or on the face of the lock. The Code will begin with the letter N followed by 3 digits eg: N001.

How do you rekey Thule locks?

Insert the Thule Universal Change Key into the lock core. Align the tabs along the side of the lock core with the opening of the lock housing. Insert the lock core with Thule Universal Change Key into the lock housing. With your finger holding the lock core in place, remove the Thule Universal Change Key.

What does a key code look like?

Finding the key code

The key code consists of numbers and letters or only numbers. If the key code is available then these are common locations: In the documentation of the vehicle. Sometimes the key code is in the vehicle manual or on a label with the lock or key.

Can I drill out a Thule lock?

In order to remove the lock core you will just need to continue drilling, working your way up to a larger drill bit until the lock core releases. Once it does you can then use the Thule One-Key System Lock Cylinders part # TH450200 to install a new one which comes with the change key.

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How do you unlock a Thule roof box?

Unlocking: Insert the key and turn clockwise to the unlocked position. The key can only be removed when the box lid is closed and locked. Locking: To close, press down on the lid at the front and rear of the box. Turn the key counterclockwise to lock.

How do I remove an old Thule roof rack?

  • Open the doors on both sides of the vehicle below where the roof bar is mounted.
  • Unlock the outer housing or lockable knob at the base of the feet using the Thule key that came with the set.
  • Twist the knob on the foot counterclockwise to loosen the clamp.
  • Are Thule keys unique?

    To ensure the security of your rack both Yakima and Thule have a large number of lock cores and corresponding keys, each with a unique number associated to it.

    Where is the model number on a Thule?

    If you own a Thule or Yakima roof rack or accessory you can find the key number engraved on one side of the key. Thule key numbers start with an "N" followed by 3 digits. The key numbers range from N001-N250.

    How many Thule locks do I need?

    You will need 4 lock cores like the part # TH450400 that you referenced to secure the rack to your vehicle.

    What is the Thule One key system?

    Thule One Key System makes it a simple task to add matching lock barrels so you end up with everything locked with the same key. Normally you have to pay for this option by purchasing an extra four, six or eight barrels.

    Can you use a Thule bike rack without a key?

    Expert Reply: If your Thule Roof Rack is locked and you don't have the key you won't be able to remove them from the vehicle or take off the end caps but they will still certainly work to support the weight of anything you might have mounted to them (cargo box, bike rack, etc).

    Are Yakima and Thule locks interchangeable?

    no yakima cylinders are totally different than thule's. extra keys are available for thule. on the outside of the lock core is a number stamped

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    How do I find my key code?

    Your vehicle's key code is usually stored in your owner's manual, as long as it is the one that came with the vehicle when it was new. If not, you will have to prove ownership at a dealership to retrieve the code, which can usually be done for free.

    Can you get key code from VIN number?

    By having a mechanic decode your VIN number to get the manufacturer's number, they will be able to retrieve your factory key code as well as cut you a new key for your vehicle. Of course, the significance of each digit varies depending on the type of vehicle.

    How do I know my key number?

    Your key number is typically 1-2 letters (your Key Prefix), followed by 4 to 6 numbers (your Key Number). Some New York Lock models will have the number stamped on the keys following the sequence 2 letters and 4 to 5 numbers or on a metal tag on the original key ring. Some older keys will vary.

    How do you remove a Thule lock?

    Removing a Lock Cylinder with a Master Key. Unlock the mechanism with the locking key. Insert the locking key (one of the keys with "teeth") into the slot and make a counterclockwise quarter-turn. The mechanism should unlock — for instance, you'd now be able to remove your ski from the rack.

    How do you change a Thule lock barrel?

    How do I open Thule motion?

    How do you remove a roof box lock?

    Are roof racks easy to remove?

    Removing Aftermarket Roof Racks

    Aftermarket roof racks are typically much easier to remove. Most simply clamp around your side rails or door jamb and can be removed by loosening a few bolts. Once you've done this a time or two, most roof racks will only take about 5-15 minutes to remove.

    How do you remove a Thule bike rack from a hitch?

    How do you change feet on a Thule roof bar?

    How do you open a roof box without a key?

    My rather crude way of dealing with this type of lock is a large flat blade screwdriver with a hex shank for gripping with a spanner. Insert the screwdriver and twist in the normal opening direction. Usually the spring clip on the back pops off and the lock comes out, if not the barrel breaks out and just turn.

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    How many locks do I need for my Thule roof rack?

    Quick FAQ Answer. Thule roof racks generally come with two to four locks that utilize a key to securely attach the rack to your car. Thule rack systems generally come with two keys in case you misplace one, you still can operate your rack system.

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    Install or replace all lock cylinders on your Thule products and use the same key for all.

    We actually don't manufacture the keys but order directly from Thule. If you were to cut a generic key to use for a Thule lock, you might run into some problems but you can try. I recommend getting a replacement key that is made by Thule.

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