Does Google Translate Have Lingala?



How do you say I love you so much in Lingala?

Nalingi bino banso.”

How do you say hi in Lingala?

The word you will probably hear most as you begin to speak Lingala is mbote (m-BOH-teh), which means 'hello'. It can be used at any time of day or night and is most properly followed by the person's name, such as 'Mbote Jenny' or 'Mbote Helena', although it just as often stands alone as a greeting.

How are you translate in Lingala?

Useful phrases in Lingala

Phrase Lingala
Hello (on phone) Halo
How are you? Ndenge nini? Ozali malamu? (Are you well?) Nsango nini? Sango nini? (What's new?)
Reply to 'How are you?' Malamu Nazali malamu (I'm well) Sango te (Nothing's new) Nsango te Na yo? (And you?)
Long time no see Kala to monana

How do you say shut up in Lingala?

What does Mama Na Ngai mean?

my mother. Last Update: 2017-10-09.

What does Ngai mean?

Ngai (other names: Múrungu or Enkai ) is the monolithic Supreme God in the spirituality of the Kikuyu (or Gikuyu) and the closely related Embu, Meru and Kamba groups of Kenya, and the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania. Ngai is creator of the universe and all in it.

What does Mobimba means in Lingala?

complete, whole, entire.

What does Mawa mean in Lingala?

mawa (class 6 : ma-) sad. sadness, unhappiness.

What is mbote?

Mbote! Good morning! ( sg/pl) Mbote!/ Sango nini!

What does imbecile mean in Lingala?

worthless person, imbecil, stupid person, idiot.

How do you say thank you in Congolese?

What does bolingo mean?

Lingala term or phrase: bolingo. English translation: love.

How do you speak Congolese?

What does nzambe mean?

Nzambe/Zambe – means God. Though there are different spelling variations depending with the region hence you may find the word 'Nzambi/Zambi' being used to mean God.

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Is Lingala similar to Swahili?

Lingala is a Bantu-based creole of Central Africa with roots in the Bobangi language, the language that provided the bulk of its lexicon and grammar. In its basic vocabulary, Lingala also has many borrowings from various other languages, such as: Swahili, Kikongo varieties, French, Portuguese, and English.

Which country speaks Lingala?

Lingala is spoken by more than 10 million people in a region comprising the northwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo south to its capital, Kinshasa, and the northern part of the Republic of the Congo, particularly in part of its capital, Brazzaville.

What does Yuma mean in Lingala?

yuma, pl. bayuma (class 1a/2 : - / ba-) coward, coward, weak person, loose, black sheep.

How do you say dance in Lingala?

  • Mabína. en art form involving movement of the body. wikidata.
  • mabína. wiki.
  • What does Kizengi mean in Lingala?

    kizengi. stupid, silly, simpleton.

    What does mobali mean in lingala?

    boy, man, husband, right. male person, male. na mobali.

    What is Bandeko?

    bandeko (class 1a/2 : - / ba-) sibling, relatives. cousin, family, brother, sister, neighbor, friend.

    What does libala mean in lingala?

    libála, pl. mabala (class 5/6 : li- / ma- (parts of body, fauna, flora,)) marriage.

    Who is the Kikuyu God?

    The Kikuyu believes in one God, Ngai, the Creator and giver of all things.

    What nationality is Ngai?

    Ngai is the transliteration of three Chinese surnames in Hong Kong based on Cantonese: 魏, also common in northern China as Wei (pinyin: Wèi) 危, pinyin: Wēi. 倪, pinyin: Ní

    Who worshiped a God called Ngai?

    The Maasai believe that he is the god of the sun and love and was the creator of the world; in another one of their traditions, this god married Olapa (the goddess of the moon).

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    What is Mboka in English?

    Mboka- (Noun) [ m-boh-kah ]

    Be the first to say something about Mboka. Meaning : Work/ Job.

    What is I miss you in lingala?

    i miss you exc-1 na leli yo i miss you na leli yo.

    How do you say welcome in lingala?

    How do you say please in Lingala?

    How do Congolese greet each other?

    Head shakes instead of hand shakes. While handshakes are still a very popular way of greeting, it's not as common in Congo. When two men meet in Congo they can great each other by simply rubbing their heads against each other side by side. This form of greeting is only performed by men of a certain ethnic group.

    How do you say Happy New Year in Lingala?

  • bónaná Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data.
  • mbúla ya sika elámu na tombelí yɔ̌ Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data.
  • What is the meaning of imbecility?

    Definition of imbecility

    1a : the quality or state of being very stupid or foolish : utter foolishness … it seemed a very odd business, filled with illusions and delusions, at times noble to the point of imbecility and at other times base to the point of amorality.— Colleen McCullough also : futility.

    Is imbecile a swear word?

    The terms idiot, imbecile, moron, and their derivatives were formerly used as technical descriptors in medical, educational, and regulatory contexts. These uses were broadly rejected by the close of the 20th century and are now considered offensive.

    Is imbecile an insult?

    An imbecile is an extremely stupid person. The noun imbecile is used informally as an insult to mean "fool". Its origins are in the Latin word imbecille, "weak or feeble," and it was an official medical term for people with a specific (and low) I.Q.

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    everything. all (with a plural word) every, each (with a word in singular) context : not lingala. If you came here for the song Nyoso from.

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