How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month On Duromine?



How long does duromine take to show results?

Started to feel effects after 1-2 hours. Not hungry, but want to still eat for nutrition.

How much weight can be lost in a month on phentermine?

Based on these three studies, you can expect to lose roughly 3 to 6 lbs. per month, if you are a woman, and 5 to 8 lbs. per month, if you are a man, using a combination of phentermine and a low-calorie diet.

How do you maximize duromine results?

Take Duromine first thing in the morning, at breakfast time so that it does not keep you awake at night. Taking it at the same time each day will have the best effect. It will also help you remember when to take it.

How much do you need to weigh to get duromine?

The treatment with Duromine can be initiated in overweight patients with a lower BMI (25 to 29.9 kg/m2) which increases the risk of morbidity from a number of disorders. Secondary organic causes of obesity should be excluded by diagnosis before prescribing this agent.

Do you get hungry on duromine?

Duromine is an appetite suppressant that works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry.

Does duromine have speed in it?

ITS nickname is "legal speed'' and the potentially deadly weight loss drug Duromine's popularity is experiencing a dangerous revival. The drug, which boasts of suppressing the appetite and assisting in rapid weight loss, has an active ingredient (phentermine) which can have the same affect as speed.

How long can I stay on duromine?

Patients require medical review after a defined course of treatment which ideally should not exceed 3 months. Children DUROMINE is not recommended for children under the age of twelve. Elderly DUROMINE is not recommended for the elderly.

How much water should I drink with phentermine?

Water: The first rule of every diet is to drink lots of water. When taking phentermine you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day in order to improve the functions of your body and assist in the release of water weight, as well as keeping you hydrated and less likely to misinterpret thirst for hunger.

Can you exercise while on duromine?

The hypertension and cardiovascular effects are the most important while doing exercise. If you should in any way feel faint, dizzy or develop palpitations then you must stop combining exercise with this drug.

Why is phentermine not working?

However, if phentermine doesn't work, stops working, or has an intolerable side-effect, you should ask your physician to switch to a different weight loss medicine. There are lots of options. Some people have to take other medications which cause weight-gain; other patients have genetic obesity.

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How fast do you start losing weight on phentermine?

Effective for weight loss

Doctors may prescribe it intermittently, meaning you take a break from the medication for a set period of time before resuming it ( 5 , 9 ). The average weight loss when taking phentermine is 3% of your initial body weight after 3 months and 5–7% after 6 months.

How much weight can I lose in a month?

So what is the magic number to lose weight and keep it off? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , it's 1 to 2 pounds per week. That means, on average, that aiming for 4 to 8 pounds of weight loss per month is a healthy goal.

How much weight can you lose the first week on phentermine?

Depending on your lifestyle and the changes you make once you start, it's possible to lose several pounds the first week as your body sheds water weight. That being said, the recommended weekly rate of weight loss is one to two pounds. Losing weight slowly and steadily ensures your body is losing fat and not muscle.

Can duromine make you gain weight?

If you can find the right balance of food and exercise for your body, you will be able to lose weight without a hectic diet or duromine, especially because you have had blood tests done and nothing else seems to be causing the weight gain.

How long after taking duromine Can I drink alcohol?

In general, you really need to wait 12 hours between alcohol consumption and taking phentermine because the effect of phentermine lasts that long. This needs to be done so that they don't combine and cause the severe reactions mentioned above.

Can you fall pregnant on duromine?

Duromine is a Pregnancy Category B3 drug which has been taken by only a limited number of pregnant women and women of child-bearing age, without an increase in the frequency of malformation or other direct or indirect harmful effects on the human foetus having been observed.

Does phentermine take a few days to work?

Phentermine takes about three to five days to build up in the system (to what is called a steady state ), which is why some people report not feeling its full effect until being on it for several days.

How long should I wait to eat after taking phentermine?

Use the medicine exactly as directed. Phentermine is usually taken before breakfast, or 1 to 2 hours after breakfast.

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How do I keep the weight off after phentermine?

For effective weight control, it is important to stay physically active. Active lifestyle not only saves your normal body weight, but also helps to stay active and energetic throughout the day. Those people, who take Phentermine, know that hypocaloric diet helps to reduce the body weight and improves overall health.

What happens if you take phentermine for more than 3 months?

Conclusions: Greater weight loss without increased risk of incident CVD or death was observed in patients using phentermine monotherapy for longer than 3 months. Despite the limitations of the observational design, this study supports the effectiveness and safety of longer-term phentermine use for low-risk individuals.

Can you take phentermine for 3 months?

The drug, phentermine, is currently FDA-approved for use of up to three months. "Although diet and exercise are critical components of any weight-loss program, up to half of patients don't have long-term success with lifestyle changes alone," said first author Kristina H.

How can I make phentermine work faster?

  • Drink enough water.
  • Have proper nutrition.
  • Combine weight-bearing exercises with cardio.
  • Establish a long-term healthy lifestyle.
  • Is it OK to drink coffee while taking phentermine?

    Both phentermine and caffeine are stimulants. They both can cause insomnia, increased heart rate and jitteriness. It is likely that if you use caffeine while taking phentermine these side effects will be increased. It is recommended that you limited you caffeine use while taking phentermine.

    How should I take phentermine for best results?

    Swallow the tablet whole. Do not crush, break, or chew it. Carefully follow your doctor's instructions for a reduced-calorie diet plan and regular exercise. Talk with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

    Can you split a duromine capsule?

    Do not crush, chew, break, or open an extended-release capsule. Swallow the pill whole. It is specially made to release medicine slowly in the body. Breaking or opening the pill would cause too much of the drug to be released at one time.

    Can you lose weight on phentermine without working out?

    Even the most effective diet pills are only meant to be taken for a short period of time -- usually six months or less, during which, one can trim up to 10 percent of one's body weight.

    Lose weight without dieting and exercising with Phentermine.

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    How do I know if phentermine is working?

    Phentermine is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and reaches peak concentrations in the blood in three to 4.4 hours, by which time you should start feeling the effects, alerting you that the drug is working.

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    What happens if you don’t eat while taking phentermine?

    Phentermine is a once a day medication that should be taken first thing in the morning. Taking the medication on an empty stomach or with food is not as important as making sure to take it early in the day. One of the side effects of phentermine is energy and focus which can lead to insomnia or trouble sleeping.

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    It would not help to take Duromine every second day, but it may be possible to reduce the dose. However, if you don't feel well when taking this medication it may be better to stop taking it - the doctor or pharmacist will have to advise you.

    The treatment with Duromine can be initiated in overweight patients with a lower BMI (25 to 29.9 kg/m2) which increases the risk of morbidity from a number of disorders. Secondary organic causes of obesity should be excluded by diagnosis before prescribing this agent.

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