How PTE Overall Score Is Calculated?



How much is 6 each in PTE?

Official Concordance Table between IELTS and PTE - Updated in 2021

IELTS PTE-A (overall) PTE-A (writing)
5 40.8 43.1
5.5 45.4 51.0
6 51.6 62.2
6.5 58.5 74.1

Is 55 score good in PTE?

What is PTE Passing Score? PTE score range is 10-90; however, there is no passing PTE score. 65-75 PTE score happens to be a good PTE score, as it appears competent to get admission in the top universities. In other universities, PTE score between 50-63 can also be accepted.

How much is 7 each in PTE?

PTE vs. IELTS Band Score Comparison

PTE Band Score IELTS Band Score
83-85 8.5
79-82 8
73-78 7.5
65-72 7

How much should I score in PTE to get 20 points?

If you manage to score 79 or more in each of the test components, you get a buff of 20 points in your point score.

Is 63 a good score in PTE?

They have different layouts and different scoring methodology- IELTs grants candidates bands of 1-8 whereas PTE gives numerical marks out of 90.

Converting PTE Score To IELTS Score.

PTE Score range IELTS Brand
73-78 7.5
65-72 7
59-64 6.5
51-58 6

Is 69 a good score in PTE?

PTE Academic Score: 59 - 75

Required for: Typically, this is the level required to be able to follow academic level instruction and to participate in academic education, including both coursework and student life, and may be set for undergraduate or post-graduate entry requirements.

What is PTE passing score?

There is no passing score for the PTE exam. However, from the total range of 10-90, a score of 50-63 is considered competent. For better and standard university options, it is expected to score in the range of 65-75 or above.

Is PTE easy than IELTS?

The short answer to this question is NO. The difficulty of IELTS compared to PTE is the same. Neither test is easier than the other. They are both demanding and require fundamental skill building as well as knowledge of the test format.

What is 8 each in PTE?

In order to get the equivalence of 8 each band of IELTS in the PTE test, one has to get an average of 79 with none of the four skills less than 79. The PTE score report marks the candidates' performance on two sets of criteria namely Communicative and Enabling skills.

What is the minimum score in PTE for Australia?

To be eligible for a student visa in Australia, you must get a minimum PTE Academic score of 42. That said, a minimum score of 36 is accepted if you do at least 10 weeks of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

How can I get 65 PTE?

Tips and tricks to Score 65+ in PTE

Time and accuracy are two elements which need to be enhanced. As speaking is considered as the back bone of PTE, having good pronunciation and fluency will help you to achieve targeted score in speaking module, which further contributes in other two modules , listening and reading.

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Does PTE have negative marking?

Let me clear your confusion, there is no negative marking in PTE Academic but there are 3 tasks in PTE which use “Partial Credit” scoring.

Is IELTS equivalent to PTE?

Both are English language testing exams taken by students seeking admission to institutions overseas. IELTS is graded on a scale of 1–9, whereas PTE is graded on 10–90. The exam fee is Rs 13,400 for PTE and Rs 12,650 for IELTS. The duration for PTE is 3 hours, and IELTS is 2 hours and 50 minutes.

What is the lowest score in PTE?

The lowest score in the PTE test is 10 which is the equivalent of zero in traditional tests. Your score for each skill in the PTE test is expressed in numbers between 10 the lowest and 90 the highest point. The lowest average score that can be used for a TR application is an average of 50 across all skills.

Which all countries accept PTE?

Which are the countries that accept the PTE exam?

  • Which are the countries that accept the PTE exam?
  • Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand are some countries that accept the PTE exam and are popular within non-native aspirants who desire to go for studies or immigration purposes.
  • Is 64 a good score in PTE?

    Among the Indian test-takers, obtained PTE score range is 58-65. The average PTE score can be 61 or 62 as decimals are rounded off in PTE academic.

    How many points does PTE give for PR?

    65 points
    Level of English Proficiency PTE academic score PTE Points for Australia PR
    Proficient Speaking: 65 10 points
    Superior Reading: 79 20 points
    Writing: 79
    Listening: 79

    Can I get PR in Australia with PTE?

    PTE for Australian PR requires a minimum score of 65 points. For visas 189 and 190, the minimum level is competent English. PTE score for Australia PR is generally opted more by candidates as PTE results offer unlimited sending of scores to universities/colleges.

    Is PTE eligible for Australia PR?

    Candidates going abroad would be glad to know that PTE Academic scores are accepted by the Australian Government as proof of English language proficiency for all visa categories including study and PR.

    Is 54 a good score in PTE?

    Among all the requirements, the English Language Proficiency Test is the most important.


    PTE Academic overall Score Overall TOEFL Score
    42 54 to 56
    46 65 or 66
    50 74 or 75
    53 79 or 80

    How is PTE 90 scored?

  • Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks. PTE mock test free.
  • Reading: Fill in the blanks. This test item is the second most important section of the Reading module.
  • Read Aloud. Watch our YouTube videos.
  • Highlight Incorrect Words.
  • Need a free PTE mock test?
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    Is it easy to get 50 in PTE?

    To achieve a 50 in PTE or 6 IELTS, the 'one size fits all' approach will usually work. But, if you are striving for the more advanced scores, you will need to master your ability to adapt to different questions and topics. For example, in the PTE speaking exam, do not talk about the X axis and Y axis.

    Is 79 a good score in PTE?

    All in all, the PTE test is very candidate friendly and less stressful compared to its rival IELTS. If anyone has an average score of 6 in IELTS, he/she can achieve 79 in the PTE Academic in a matter of two months practice.

    Is PTE valid for Canada?

    PTE Academic is a leading English language proficiency test provider in Canada. Accepted by most Canadian universities and colleges, it's the best choice to help you obtain your Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute.

    Is 49 a good score in PTE?

    There is no cutoff marks in PTE but there is a desired score above which universities prefer students for admission. And that desired score is around 55-60 since past years, and with 65+ you get higher points in your application.

    What is PTE exam fee?

    All PTE Academic test takers have to pay the exam registration fee. Indian students appearing for the exam have to pay a fee of Rs. 13,300/-. This fee is applicable only if you book your slot at least 14 days in advance.

    Which IELTS for Australia PR?

    IELTS is the preferred test for immigration to Australia accepted by almost all professional entities and is integrated into the point-based immigration system. To obtain a visa for Australian permanent residency, you can take either the IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training.

    Which English test is easy for Australia PR?

    English Language Requirements for Skilled Visas

    Test component Average across test components only
    IELTS 4.5
    TOEFL iBT 32
    PTE Academic 30
    OET n/a

    How long is PTE valid for?

    A PTE Academic score report, like an IELTS test result, is valid for two years for educational purposes (University or college applications).

    What is the average score in PTE?

    IELTS Vs TOEFL Vs PTE Academic - Score Comparison

    VERY GOOD 8 74-84
    GOOD 7.5 73-77
    GOOD 7 64-72
    COMPETENT 6.5 58-63

    Can I go Australia with 5.5 bands in PTE?

    However, if you complete at least 10 weeks of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students, a minimum score of 36 is recognised. Apart from PTE, the other English profficiency scores requirements are: IELTS — by and the large score of 6.0 to 6.5 (no band under 5.5 to 6.0)

    Is 5.5 bands eligible for Australia?

    Yes, you can apply for universities and colleges in Australia with an IELTS 5.5 band!

    Is 70 a good score for Australia PR?

    65 points is the minimum points required to be eligible for PR visa, the higher you score on the eligibility calculation, the brighter the chances of you being invited to Apply for Australian PR. Scoring anywhere from 80 to 85 points can make you eligible for a quicker PR invitation to apply.

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    Is it hard to get 65 PTE?

    The answer to this question depends on the level of English competency of the person in question and how much time the person is willing to spend on learning and practicing different parts of the PTE test. But make sure you do the followings before you actually sit the test.

    Can we cheat in PTE exam?

    No, you cannot. There is no way to cheat in the PTE exam as there are some active security protocols in place such as stringent ID checking, biometric palm vein scanning and Voice signature.

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    The various sections in the PTE exam, (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) are scored on a scale of 10 – 90 where 10 is the lowest, with increments of 1 point.

    PTE Score vs IELTS.

    Proficiency Level PTE IELTS
    Good 65 7.0
    Good 73 7.5
    Very Good 79 8.0
    Very Good 83 8.5

    If you manage to score 79 or more in each of the test components, you get a buff of 20 points in your point score.

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