Is WhiteHat Jr Trustworthy?



Is WhiteHat a good company?

Overall it was a good place to work. It really depends on how good your manager is. I had the best manager for a few months which made the place a really good work environment. Although it could get really messy if the manager does not value a good work-life balance, which I have seen plenty.

Is WhiteHat Jr successful?

WhiteHat Jr has rapidly grown in a very short span. Before the lockdown, the revenue rose from 1 crore to 10 crores. It started to double when BYJU'S started approaching its revenue at $75 million and got completed at $150 million. Later, in the first month of August the company's valuation rose to $220 million.

Is White Hat Junior worth?

It's worth noting that WhiteHat Jr was operational for five months in FY19 in which it posted a revenue of Rs 6.7 lakhs. It earned another Rs 1.72 crore via interest on deposits. During FY20, the company's total assets grew to Rs 64.2 crore and it held 85.4% of its assets as bank balance and fixed deposits in FY20.

Is WhiteHat Jr good for students Quora?

It is good for only those kids who have discovered there interest in Coding , other parents should not force their children. Let them enjoy their childhood , don't make them bots.

How does WhiteHat Jr make money?

Teachers are paid per class; these classes assigned can be trial classes or course classes decided by the Whitehat Jr management — Whitehat Jr Job Review. Beyond this meager Rs. 10,000, a teacher is paid Rs. 275 per class for a student who has paid for the entire course and only Rs.

Is white hat Junior free?

FREE Coding Certification for Kids - Book Now!

Free Class. Limited Spots Only.

Who is the owner of WhiteHat Jr?

What are the benefits of WhiteHat Jr?

Which benefits does WhiteHat Jr provide?

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness. Health Care & Insurance. 4.3★
  • Financial & Retirement. Performance Bonus. 4.3★
  • Family & Parenting. Work From Home. 4.6★
  • Vacation & Time Off. Sick Leave. 4.5★
  • Perks & Benefits. Employee Assistance Program. 4.3★
  • Professional Support. Job Training & Tuition. 4.3★
  • Which language is taught in WhiteHat Jr?

    The core programming language taught at Whitehat Jr is Javascript. As course proceeds, there are html, css, js, python that come in picture.

    Is White Hat junior Indian?

    WhiteHat Jr is an Indian ed-tech startup and online tutoring firm that teaches coding to kids via one-to-one live video classes.

    Why did BYJU’s buy WhiteHat Jr?

    “Its acquisition strategy seems to be around remaining competitive, foraying into complementary segments, create better learning products and business expansion. Byju's has been looking for expansion in India as well as international markets.”

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    What is the problem with WhiteHat Jr?

    In November 2020, WhiteHat Jr filed defamation lawsuits against two of its most vocal critics—software engineer Pradeep Poonia and angel investor Aniruddha Malpani—and sought $2.6 million and $1.9 million in damages, respectively. In May this year, WhiteHat Jr withdrew its defamation case against Poonia.

    How do I cancel my whitehat Jr free trial?

    you can call the student concierge anytime for any help, the number is given on the dashboard. Am Archana Singh and am a proud teacher at Whitehat Jr, we are happy to have you onboard.

    How do I unsubscribe from white hat Jr?

    Click the Bulk Actions drop-down and select Delete Users. When prompted, click Confirm to complete the deletion, or Cancel to abort the deletion.

    Is White Hat JR good for students?

    Top positive review

    WhiteHatJr is the best way to learn coding to Kids in India. They provide an outstanding curriculum to study and one on one interation classes. The teachers are well experienced and tremendous.

    How much we can earn from WhiteHat Jr?

    Average Whitehat Jr Teacher salary in India is ₹ 4.7 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years. Teacher salary at Whitehat Jr ranges between ₹ 3 Lakhs to ₹ 6 Lakhs per year.

    Can I work part time in WhiteHat Jr?

    Highest entry level salary in the industry starting from Rs. 50,000 upto Rs. 100,000 per month. Flexible work hours, work from home (Part time / Full time)

    How do I become a white hat junior teacher?

    WhiteHat Jr is the only organization qualified to certify teachers as Early Childhood Coding Experts. Post your successful application, WhiteHat Jr trains you for free and certifies you as a Coding Expert after completing 500 live classes on the platform.

    What is the salary of PW teachers?

    Physics Faculty salary in Physicswallah ranges between ₹ 8.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10.4 Lakhs.

    How can I earn from Vedantu?

    “Teacher partners" with Vedantu earn on average ₹ 20,000 a month and teach students from class 6 to 12. The salary depends on how many hours you teach, which class and syllabus you tutor and whether you're comfortable teaching a group or an individual student. But you can't choose the class to teach on your own.

    How many months is WhiteHat Jr course?

    WhiteHat Jr signs 3-month contracts with applicants who pass their screening process. Please inform WhiteHat Jr 2 weeks in advance if you want to take time off during your contract.

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    What is asked in WhiteHat Jr interview?

    The main object of the whitehat jr teacher interview questions is to do a slight background check on your experience in coding and teaching fields and to ensure that you can come down to the level of the children and explain the process of coding to them.

    What is premium of WhiteHat Jr?

    Premium Classes: Flat ₹10,000 Off code on plans of ₹89,999 & above. Sign up and start your FREE Trial class today. Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional based on Kids Grade. Buy Premium Classes plan at ₹89,999 and get flat ₹10,000 instant discount.

    In which country BYJU’s is made?

    BYJU'S is an Indian multinational educational technology company, headquartered in Bangalore. It was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath.

    Who is founder of BYJU’s?

    Who is owner of BYJU’s?


    Byju Raveendran is the founder of edutech start-up Byju's. Son of physics and mathematics teachers from Azhikode village in Kannur district of Kerala, Raveendran is a former teacher who turned an entrepreneur.

    What is the age limit for WhiteHat Jr?

    Brand WhiteHat Jr
    Title 2 Classes Expert Coding Course for Kids Age 6-18(Email delivery in 2 hours)
    Type Vocational & Personal Development
    Language English
    Format Voucher

    What is WhiteHat coding?

    About us. WhiteHat Jr is a leading Live, online platform to learn coding, music and arts, animation & video. We've got more than 12 million students registered on our platform, backed by a teacher community of 11000+ teachers.

    Does whitehat teach python?

    Explanation: As the course goes further in whitehat jr they start to teach html,css and python as well.

    How can I learn to code for free?

  • Codecademy. Codecademy is the perfect place for aspiring coders to start learning.
  • Free Code Camp.
  • Codewars.
  • The Odin Project.
  • HackerRank.
  • CodeFights.
  • edX.
  • Upskill.
  • Does WhiteHat Jr teach C++?

    WhiteHatJr Teacher: Java is a high-level programing language and we work in C++ in it.

    How many students are in WhiteHat Jr?

    "Leveraging the strong in-bound, WhiteHat Jr has signed up 500 schools across the country, representing more than 1.25 lakh students who will learn coding through the blended curriculum," WhiteHat Jr founder and CEO Karan Bajaj said.

    Did BYJU’s buy Vedantu?

    The company is also planning to enter overseas markets. Vedantu is one of the biggest edtech startups in India, which directly competes with Byju's. Even Toppr was a prominent player in this domain, before it was acquired by Byju's earlier this year.

    Which is better Vedantu or WhiteHat Jr?

    Vedantu is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Whitehat Education Technology Pvt. Ltd. is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

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    Is White Hat junior under BYJU?

    WhiteHat Jr was acquired by Byju's in a $300-million deal a year ago. Raveendran said that Bajaj has exceeded his expectations. “We've expanded successfully to Brazil, Mexico, Australia, UK — beyond India and the US — launched very creative new courses in math and music,” he said in the email.

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    Refund Process:

    We aim to process and complete refund requests within one business day of receiving the request. However, if there is a delay beyond 72 hours, please notify us at During the refund process, we may request that you validate key information required to process your refund.

    It is good for only those kids who have discovered there interest in Coding , other parents should not force their children. Let them enjoy their childhood , don't make them bots.

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