What Is A 300 Treadwear Tire?



What is a good treadwear rating on a tire?

For enthusiasts, the best part of the treadwear spectrum is the lowest part. Tires with treadwear ratings of 350 or less tend to have some performance pretentions, but for serious drivers and competitive racers, the only tires they will ever consider have treadwear ratings of 200 or less.

Is a 400 treadwear good?

The 400 is tread wear which represents the tire's comparative wear when measured against the governments mandated tire, which is rated at 100. So the tire rated at 400 would wear four times longer than the government's mandated tire. However, please don't link treadwear grades with your projected tire mileage.

How long does a 400 treadwear last?

For example, treadwear 400 will mean every 1/32” wears every 8,000-10,000 miles. However, hard rubber provides a rather rough ride, while softer rubber performs better and soothes the move.

What’s the highest treadwear rating?

Currently, the highest reported treadwear rating is 700. In fact, 98 percent of all tires tested ranked better than the control tire. Temperature, the tire's heat resistance, is stated in letters. A tire graded "A" is the highest, "B" is average and "C" the lowest.

What does treadwear mean on a tire?

Treadwear. The treadwear marking demonstrates how long a tire can last. Treadwear has a range between 100-1000, where, for example, an 800 UTQG tire will last twice as long as a 400 UTQG tire.

How does treadwear rating work?

The treadwear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test course. For example, a tire graded 150 would wear one and one half times as well on the government course as a tire graded 100.

How long will 200 treadwear last?

A tire rated at 200 has a projected tread life of 60,000 miles.

What UTQG means?

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading is a comparative assessment applied to most car tires (excluding winter tires) to help consumers make informed decisions. The manufacturers grade the tires themselves for temperature, traction, and treadwear.

Is 540 a good treadwear rating?

A treadwear rating generally falls between 60 and 540. Treadwear ratings are determined by testing tires in a controlled environment to determine how long a tire's tread will last. After a 7,200 mile wear test, a treadwear rating is assigned.

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How many miles is a 560 treadwear rating?

Some scores from the tests followed the tire makers' claims fairly closely. For example, four models that had modest tread-wear grades (520 to 560) and warranties (65,000 to 75,000 miles) scored fair in CR's wear-test ratings.

What does the P stand for in P205 55R16 89H?

For example let's look at a Goodyear Eagle, P205/55R16 89H The manufacturer of the product. The model of the tire. P identifies your tire as a Passenger Tire. The P. stands for PMetric.

Is 800 treadwear good?

A tire with a treadwear rating of 800 should theoretically last about twice as long as a tire with a treadwear rating of 400. A longer life tire will be designed with a harder rubber compound to withstand wear better.

Is UTQG 820 AB good?

On the other end, today's more durable tires carry UTQG tread wear grades of 640, 720 or even 820—meaning they will last up to six times as long as those expensive high-performance lines. Long-lasting tires when new sometimes carry tread wear warranties of 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

What is the average lifespan of a car TYRE?

The consensus among tyre manufacturers and safety groups is that vehicle owners should replace their tyres roughly every 5-6 years.

Which brand TYRE is best for car?

Top 10 Best Tyre Brands in India

  • MRF Tyres. MRF is one of India's oldest tyre manufacturing enterprises, founded a year before Indian independence in 1946.
  • Apollo Tyres. It is one of India's most renowned and well-known tyre companies.
  • JK Tyres.
  • CEAT Tyres.
  • Michelin Tyres.
  • Bridgestone.
  • Continental.
  • Goodyear.
  • What is the highest mileage tire?

    The longest lasting tires in Consumer Reports' tests are the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus. They claim 90,000 miles, and Consumer Reports estimates they'll go 100,000.

    Why do OEM tires wear out so fast?

    Yes, OEM tires usually wear faster than aftermarket tires due to the fact that most manufacturers like to use soft rubber for their tires. What is this? This soft rubber wears faster than harder aftermarket tires, but provides a smooth, quiet drive with great handling.

    How do you tell if tires are all-season?

    M+S stands for mud and snow, indicating that this is an all-season tire. It's not the clearest of the specs, because there aren't other designations for summer and winter tires: Summer tires simply lack the M+S, and winter tires are labeled M+S and add an icon of a mountain plastered with a giant snowflake.

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    How often should tires be rotated?

    Refer to your owner's manual or consult with your local auto care experts to understand how often you should rotate your tires. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you get your tires rotated about every 7,500 miles or six months.

    How many miles is a 100 treadwear rating?

    The first portion of the rating is a 2 – or 3-digit number that represents relative treadwear, or how long the tire's tread is expected to last against the standard test tire. The test track they use is a 400-mile loop for a total of 7,200 miles. If a tire is rated 100, it is expected to last as long as the test tire.

    What does M’s mean on a tire?

    M+S stands for Mud+Snow, indicating that the tires are suitable for use in the winter (studded or non-studded winter tires). The official winter tire marking is the snowflake symbol, also known as the 3PMSF marking.

    Is a higher UTQG better?

    In basic terms, and in the spirit of the concept, the higher the UTQG treadwear rating, the greater the tire life. A tire with a "600" treadwear rating is forecasted to last twice as long as a tire with a "300" rating, and should accumulate three times the mileage of a "200" rated tire.

    What does 99Y mean on tires?

    The most recent change is to enclose the Y-speed rating indicated in a service description in parentheses, such as 285/35ZR19 (99Y). Such a service description certifies that the top speed of the tire has been tested in excess of 186 mph (300 km/h).

    How long do 40000 mile tires last?

    So, how long should tires last? The straightforward answer is “it depends.” A normal set of tires should last for 60,000 to 75,000 miles, or about four to five years.

    What size tire is 205 55R16?

    205/55R16 tires are 24.9″ tall, have a section width of 8.1″, and fit wheels with a diameter of 16. The circumference is 78.1″ that translates into 811 revolutions per mile. As a rule, they can be mounted on the wheels with 16″ x 5.5-7.5″ rim width.

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    What size tire is P205 55R16?

    This number indicates that your tire has a width of 205 millimeters. This number means that your tire has an aspect ratio of 55%. In other words, your tire's sidewall height (from the edge of the rim to the tire's tread) is 55% of the width. In this case, the sidewall height works out to be 112 millimeters.

    What does HMU mean on a tire?

    High-performance tires represent probably the fastest-growing market segment in the industry.

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    Tread wear (the durability rating)

    This number designation is designed to give you a picture of the durability or life you can expect from your tire. The higher the tread wear number, the longer the tread wear will last. In this case, a higher number is better than a lower number.

    Currently, the highest reported treadwear rating is 700. In fact, 98 percent of all tires tested ranked better than the control tire. Temperature, the tire's heat resistance, is stated in letters. A tire graded "A" is the highest, "B" is average and "C" the lowest.

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