What Is Form 80 Used For?



Who needs to fill out form 80?

This form is to be completed in English by applicants who are 16 years of age or over, as requested by the office processing the application. The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) is committed to maintaining the integrity of the visa and citizenship programs.

How do you write form 80?

Is form 80 still required?

The official stance of the Department is that Form 80 is not necessary anymore. Form 80 is no longer listed on the checklist that's readily available on the Department website.

What is your main reason for remaining in Australia form 80?

Form 80 Part H – Proposed Travel or Further Stay

Simply state the purpose of your travel to, or continued stay in Australia. If you are arriving for a particular event or appointment, specify what these are and the date upon which they are to take place.

Is form 80 required for partner visa?

Form 888: Statement provided by friends or family about your relationship with your partner (REQUIRED, minimum 2) Form 80: Personal details to be completed by the applicant (RECOMMENDED)

Do you need form 80 for 190 visa?

As per the official Australian guidance here, Form 80 is not mandatory either if you are applying from outside Australia. But, as a matter of saving time, you should be ready with it if CO asks for it.

Do I need to fill form 80 for 485?

Form 80 (Optional)

Is form 1221 required for partner visa?

This is a supplementary form required to support your visa application and is to be completed in English by all applicants who are 16 years of age or over.

Does spouse visa need form 1221?

Premium Member. I have provided form 1221 occasionally with skilled visas, but only when specially requested. I have never provided one with a partner visa as far as I can remember. For the vast majority of applicants it is not required.

Do I need to fill form 80 for 491?

As well as this, you will need to complete the immigration department's Form 80 and Form 1221. When you apply for the 491 visa you need evidence that you have competent English.

Is PCC required for Australia PR?

For Australia, PR country asks for following set of documents: Application Form: Need to fill and sign by the user. PCC (Police Clearance Certificate): PCC is required from all countries that you live in the past 10yrs for more than 12months.

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What is form 47A?

47A - Details of child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over.

Do you have any other personal contacts in Australia?

Specifically, "Personal contacts include visa sponsors, any relatives, friends, family members and acquaintances in Australia". I've been in Australia for a year for education, and have therefore quite a few friends and acquaintances.

What does place of visa issue mean on form 80?

The place of issue is the airport at which you entered Australia, and the date or your most recent entry. 35 Have you been to Australia before? [ Yes] Give details of previous visas. If you have visited multiple times attach your travel records.

What is form 47SP?

Form 47SP is an important part of your Australian Partner Visa application. When you open up your Immigration Account portal and begin to fill out the online application forms for 'Stage 1 – Partner / Prospective Marriage Visa', the form you start with is actually Form 47SP. You do not need to download an extra form.

What is character assessment evidence of intention to obtain?

In Character Assessment, Evidence of Intention to Obtain. It says: Provide evidence of your intention to obtain the relevant character assessments. This may include a receipt for an application for a police check. No any receipt was provided for the police check.

What is main reason for remaining in Australia?

And most of them choose Australia as an ideal country for their future settlement after their course completion. Well, the reasons what entices them to stay further in the country are obvious, i.e. lucrative career opportunities, Quality of life, Climate, sports and the pool of leisure activities all around.

What is an exempt person?

An exempt person is someone who is not a registered migration agent or legal practitioner and is one of the following: your nominator or sponsor. your close family member. a parliamentarian. a member of a diplomatic mission.

Is birth certificate mandatory for Australia PR?

Birth certificate is needed when you apply for Australian PR. In case if you don't have then you can provide school certificates.

Is birth certificate mandatory for Canadian PR?

Under the Skilled Worker category of Canadian immigration, Express Entry candidates who receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) are currently required to submit the following supporting documents along with their application: Valid passport. Birth certificate.

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Is birth certificate mandatory for Australia visa?

A copy of your birth certificate with both parents' names is also required. If you don't hold a birth certificate, either an identification page from a family book, court-issued document, family census register or government-issued identification document will suffice.

What documents do I need for 485 visa?

485 Visa Document Checklist – For Post Study Work Stream Applicants

  • Essential Forms. Application Form – apply online through ImmiAccount.
  • Identification Documents. 2 recent passport sized photographs of each person included in the application.
  • Evidence of Skills and Qualifications.
  • Health and Character.
  • How long does it take for 485 visa?

    485 visas are currently taking 2-3 months to process for a complete application.

    Can I bring parents on 485 visa?

    Can I Bring My Family Members With Me on a 485 Visa? Yes, you can apply for a 485 visa will family members. However, they must be close family members such as your spouse, partner, children or grandchildren. Keep in mind that family members over 16 must also meet the character requirements.

    Does form 888 expire?

    AFAIK, form 888 doesn't expire except in very limited circumstances (a migration agent would need to confirm but I think it's only when you're faced with Section 48 for having had a visa application refused or cancelled while onshore or something like that).

    What is personal particular?

    personal particulars . , in relation to a person means— Sample 1. personal particulars means any of the following items required on a birth certificate: parent's state of birth, parent's date of birth, parent's age at the time of the child's birth, mother's residence. Sample 1.

    Is 485 a migration visa?

    Is 485 a migration visa? No, the 485 visa is a temporary graduate work visa and it will give you working rights to gain onshore work experience. The 485 visa, will also let you live or study in Australia. With each visa type there are specific requirements for you to meet to be eligible to apply.

    Can I apply for PR without PCC?

    Yes, you must include all medical exam confirmation letters and police certificates for your application for permanent residence to be complete. The online system will not let you submit an application before you upload these documents.

    Can I become an Australian citizen if I have a criminal record?

    Will my Citizenship Application be Affected if I have a Criminal Record? Yes, your citizenship application can be refused if you have a criminal record. The fact that you committed your offences before you were granted your permanent residence does not mean you will also be granted your Australian citizenship.

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    How can I get PCC in Australia?

    It can be obtained by applying through either an Australian police station located in your state or territory, or through a government accredited provider such as Checked. The Australian police clearance is a specific, official document listing any disclosable criminal offences.

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    Form 80 (Personal particulars for assessment including character assessment) is part of the character assessment undertaken for permanent visa applicants. You don't need to attach it to your application immediately but you will want to upload it before a Case Officer picks up your file.

    Form 80 Part H – Proposed Travel or Further Stay

    Simply state the purpose of your travel to, or continued stay in Australia. If you are arriving for a particular event or appointment, specify what these are and the date upon which they are to take place.

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