What Is The Best Investment App In Australia?



Is Raiz a good idea?

No problem. Raiz is aimed fair and square at beginner and aspiring investors who probably don't have a lump sum to invest, but are happy to play the share market with their spare change. It's most popular with millennials and people who have not previously invested actively in the stock market.

How Safe Is spaceship?

Spaceship has labelled the risk profile for the fund as high as there is higher risk and volatility associated with it compared to some other funds, but with that comes the potential for higher returns in the long term compared to lower-risk investments.

How much money is a spaceship?

Low fee structure.

Zero for balances below $100, and $30 p.a. (charged at $2.50 per month) for accounts with a total balance of $100 or more. No personal expertise required, since the companies you invest in are chosen by experts for each portfolio type. Handy app that you can use on your phone and access anywhere.

What happens if spaceship goes bust?

If Spaceship Voyager itself goes bust, you should be eligible to receive your capital back as they are simply a managed fund investment trust. However, there is a risk you could lose everything as it is not CHESS sponsored.

Is spaceship an ETF?

Spaceship Voyager does not invest using ETFs like Raiz. Instead, its investment managers actively hand-pick each individual stock that each portfolio holds.

Can you lose money on Raiz?

The value of your Raiz Investment Account, can go up or down. Returns are not guaranteed, and you may lose money. The rate of return varies, so future returns may differ from past returns. Risk impacts vary for individual investors depending on age, investment time frame, and other investments held.

Do you pay tax on Spaceship?

Because you are the beneficial owner of the assets held within your chosen Spaceship Voyager portfolio, all income, dividends, capital gains and capital losses, and their taxation consequences, pass directly to you. The portfolio itself is not taxed.

Do Spaceship pay dividends?

As we hinted at above, dividends can come in various forms and you can expect to earn a dividend up to four times a year, at the end of each quarter. What you do with your dividends is up to you. You may choose to reinvest your dividends back into the stock that issued them, or into the market as a whole.

How does Spaceship make money?

Dividends: Spaceship's fund managers treat any dividends as fund income and share that income amongst investors, meaning you won't directly earn dividends from individual stocks. Raiz Invest will automatically reinvest dividends into your portfolio unless you specifically opt to have them sent into your bank account.

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Who owns Spaceship investing?

Spaceship CEO Andrew Moore has more than 25 years of experience in financial services. Prior to becoming CEO, he was chairman of the Spaceship board. He has held multiple senior leadership roles at Westpac, St.

Is Spaceship a robo advisor?

Robo-advice wealth management uses technology to give professional investment advice and investment management without the need to pay a human financial advisor. This has revolutionised not only how we invest in the stock market, but also who can invest in the stock market. Spaceship Voyager is one of these providers.

Does Spaceship do crypto?

Spaceship does not have a position on the appropriateness of investing in cryptocurrency – all investments carry risk and the information presented is simply a snapshot of facts based on current understanding of the technology.

Who underwrites spaceship?

Spaceship's successful superannuation product (issued by Tidswell Financial Services Ltd) was released in January 2017. Spaceship's Voyager investment product was released in May 2018. Combined, it has attracted more than $420 million in funds under management (FUM), with more than 85,000 financial customers.

How much should I put in spaceship?

Suze opts for a minimum of eight months' worth of living expenses, but says you'd ideally want 12 months' worth of living expenses saved. As she puts it: “A million potential scenarios could drain your savings without warning.”

Should I add TFN to spaceship?

Do I need to provide my Tax File Number (TFN)?

It is not a legal requirement for you to provide your Tax File Number (TFN) however if you don't, we are required by law to withhold tax from your investment income at the highest individual income tax rate plus Medicare levy (which is currently 47%).

Is Spaceship a super fund?

Spaceship Super is the super fund investing where the world is going. Because it's not just the future. It's your future. Forward-thinking investment options.

How much money should you put in Raiz?

  • Use up to 50% of your income for what you need.
  • Allow for up to 30% to spend on the fun stuff.
  • Save 20% for a rainy day, investments, or your savings goal.
  • Do you pay tax on Raiz?

    Around the 3rd week of July each year, Raiz will issue you with an Annual Tax Statement which you can download from within the Raiz App, or via our website.

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    Is micro investing worth it?

    Better returns than a savings account

    No matter your savings goals, micro-investment is more profitable than squirrelling your money away in a bank account. Whether you're saving for retirement planning or paying off student loans, micro-investments allow even a tiny amount of money to ensure significant returns.

    How often are spaceship dividends?

    Distributions are normally made annually. We generally calculate distributions on or around 30 June each year, and pay distributions within 90 days. Distributions for the Spaceship Universe Portfolio and the Spaceship Origin Portfolio are paid by direct deposit.

    Does spaceship report to ATO?

    Spaceship sends the Australian Tax Office (ATO) financial information on your Spaceship Voyager portfolios, which allows the ATO to pre-fill your tax return. It is important you check pre-fill information when filing your tax return and add any missing details.

    What is spaceship universe?

    Invest in a portfolio of the world-changing companies we believe meet our “Where the World is Going” criteria, including: Spotify, Microsoft, Square, Apple, and Tesla.

    How often does spaceship pay interest?

    After the first month, you'll have earned that $500 in annual interest, but because it is paid monthly on a pro rata basis, only $41.67 will hit your account. But the next month, your interest will be calculated on the original $10,000 (the principal) as well as the $41.67 (interest).

    Is spaceship a unit trust?

    The Spaceship Origin Portfolio, the Spaceship Universe Portfolio, and the Spaceship Earth Portfolio are unit trusts, registered under the Corporations Act as managed investment schemes. This means when you invest in a Spaceship Voyager portfolio, your money is pooled together with other investors' money.

    Does spaceship automatically reinvest dividends?

    If you withdraw your entire balance in a Spaceship Voyager portfolio before the annual distribution calculation date, you will not receive a distribution. However, because dividends are treated as income by the Spaceship Voyager portfolios, they are reinvested in the portfolio and this is reflected in the unit price.

    Is Spaceship a broker?

    With Spaceship Voyager, we won't charge you any brokerage. And when you choose to invest in the Spaceship Universe Portfolio, the Spaceship Origin Portfolio, or the Spaceship Earth Portfolio we will handle portfolio construction for you and how the money you invest will be allocated – you don't have to think about it.

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    How do you withdraw money from a Spaceship?

    You can withdraw your investment in the Fund by submitting a request electronically through the Spaceship app. When you ask to withdraw your investment, you will redeem units that you hold in the Fund.

    Who is spaceship backed by?

    Backed by Mike & Annie Cannon Brookes' Grok Ventures and Airtree Ventures, the company boasts a 300,000-strong distribution list of its weekly emails and information about underlying stocks within its funds, to help improve financial understanding and sustainability for younger Australians.

    Is spaceship ASX listed?

    Answer: there is no stock selection. Spaceship is investing in index funds or ETFs.

    Who is the founder of spaceship?

    The Spaceship Company

    Type Private
    Founders Burt Rutan and Richard Branson
    Headquarters Mojave, California
    Key people George Whitesides (CEO) Enrico Palermo (President) Jon Campagna (CFO)
    Products Spacecraft and aircraft production

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    Short answer: Spaceship Voyager is three managed funds, which directly invest in shares, available on the Spaceship app. We call our managed funds our Spaceship Voyager portfolios.

    If Spaceship Voyager itself goes bust, you should be eligible to receive your capital back as they are simply a managed fund investment trust. However, there is a risk you could lose everything as it is not CHESS sponsored.

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