What Is The Rarest Funko Pop Of All Time?



What Funko Pop is 666?

Power Rangers - Lord Zedd Vinyl Figure #666.

What is the hardest Funko Pop to get?

  • Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark) – $13,400.
  • Freddy Funko/Count Chocula (Glow in the Dark) – $10,000.
  • Freddy Funko (Bloody)/Jaime Lannister – $9,980.
  • Clockwork Orange – $8,190.
  • Freddy Funko (Glow in the Dark)/Deathstroke – $7,690.
  • Freddy Funko (Red Hair)/Boba Fett – $7,630.
  • What is the rarest Funko Pop marvel?

    At the moment, Freddy Funko's most valuable Marvel or DC cosplay is his turn as Deathstroke. Some other pricey pops are Funko #23 which has Freddy as Joker and a Funko Funday 2019 Exclusive that has the mascot dressed as Venom.

    What is the number 1 Funko Pop?

    Funko Pop's Mickey Mouse Metallic vinyl action figure was debuted and distributed at the San Diego Comic-Con. It is considered #1 in the POP!

    Is Pikachu pop rare?

    10 Pikachu (18-Inch)

    With the COVID-19 crisis taking place at the time, it made it so even fewer potential buyers ever reached shops to even purchase the exclusive Pikachu, resulting in its current rarity. With just how popular the electric mouse is with fans, it's sure to skyrocket in value as time goes on.

    Is there brains in Funko Pop?

    Funko Pops do not have brains, and if you ever feel the need to check it, there are far safer ways to do so than to use a box cutter, hacksaw, belt saw or bread knife!

    What Funko Pop is number 69?

    Released in 2015 from Midtown Comics, this rare exclusive Batman Thrillkiller is a must have. Funko pop No. 69 is a 3.75" collectible and perfect for any shelf or desk. Batman Thrillkiller is from the 1997 comic book featuring Thrillkiller versions of Batman, Robin and Batgirl.

    What is the rarest Funko Pop 2022?

  • Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange Funko Pop. Estimated Value: $13,300.
  • Jaime Lannister Funko Pop. Estimated Value: $9,310.
  • Dumbo (Clown) Funko Pop. Estimated Value: $7,430.
  • Stan Lee Signed Funko Pops.
  • Boba Fett Funko Pop.
  • Tony Stark Funko Pop.
  • Ghost Rider Funko Pop.
  • Planet Arlia Vegeta.
  • Are Gold Funko Pops rare?

    You get the metallic gold Stranger Things Hopper Pop, currently valued at $3,120. This version is super rare as there were only 40 made in total. It's only a couple of years old, having released in 2018, so there's still plenty of time for this Funko Pop to absolutely soar in price.

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    What is Freddy Funko?

    Freddy Funko is the official mascot of Funko.

    What is the rarest Funko Pop 2021?

    Cost: $13,300

    The most valuable Funko Pop is the glow-in-the-dark Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange Funko.

    Are any Funko Pops made in China?

    All funko pops are either made in China or Vietnam. After the figurines are made, they are shipped to the USA to the funko manufacturing warehouse where they are boxed and shipped off to stores.

    Are there squid game Funko Pops?

    Your favorite “Squid Game” characters are being turned into vinyl figurines for the latest edition of Funko Pop! collectibles, which includes Players 456, 218, 001, 067, 199, and the masked guards. “Squid Game” Funko Pop! Figurines are available for pre-order via Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, and the Netflix shop.

    How do they number Funko Pops?

    Funko Pops are numbered in the order the set they belong to comes out. For example, Stranger Things are part of a Television Series. The Pops have numbers based on when the sets were released.

    How do you know if a pop is rare?

    The main factor that makes a Funko Pop rare is when there is a small number of pieces produced and if it is a regular or Chase Pop Vinyl.

    Are Funko Pops worth collecting?

    Collecting Funko Pops Can Be Worth It!

    There are several instances where Funko Pops have become quite valuable and their owners have turned a nice profit. However, most Funko Pops collectors aren't in it for the money; they are genuine collectors.

    What is the next Pokemon Funko Pop?

    Funko Pokemon wave 9 is also still available to preorder (coming in March 2022). The figures are up for preorder on the heels of the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus (on sale for $54.99 on Amazon).

    Are flocked Funko Pops worth more?

    Flocked Pops Increase In Value Over Time

    We've seen flocked pops go from their average price of $10-$12 to $30-$45, depending on which ones you find. It's always nice when you can sell funko pops quickly and profitably.

    Why do funko pops have no mouths?

    They aren't supposed to have mouths because they will eat us the moment we turn around. Funko took their mouths away for our own protection.

    What anime have Funko Pop?

    The 10 Best Anime Funko Pops Ever Made, Ranked

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  • What are Funko Pop figures made of?

    Vinyl Funkos are made from, well, vinyl: a form of plastic. Vinyl chloride is used to produce polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. Vinyl is a petroleum-derived chemical, and vinyl chloride is considered one of the world's top largest petrochemicals in production.

    Do Funko pops lose value if box is damaged?

    While the value will still drop in doing this, a Funko figure will always sell for more in a replaced box than it will in none at all. Remember: Always check how much the boxes alone are selling for on eBay, and if you want to sell your Box, consider the loss of value on the Funko Pop figure contained within it first.

    Who invented Funko Pops?

    Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, the company was originally conceived by Becker as a small project to bring back various low-tech, nostalgia-themed toys in the high-tech world of today. Funko's first manufactured bobblehead was of the restaurant advertising icon Big Boy.

    Who has the biggest Funko Pop collection?

    Meet our new record holder, David Mebane from Knoxville, Tennessee. His collection of a whopping 7,095 Funko figures was recently verified, making him the new reigning champ for 2021. That's 2,000 more than the previous record-holder!

    How can you tell a fake funko?

    Counterfeits often contain different fonts on UPC codes or other text on the box. A large number of fakes will have different fonts on logos, information on the bottom of the box, and the Pop! categories logo. Also, some counterfeit items will have the copyright notice printed incorrectly.

    Which Funko Pops are worth money?

    The most valuable Funko pop in the world right now is the Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange (GITD) edition, and it is worth a whopping $13,300. GITD stands for glow in the dark, and two collectors have spent $13k and $13,300 snapping up these editions in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

    How many Funko Pops are there 2021?

    The following is a list of all October-December 2021 Funko Pop! releases. There are currently 150 Funko Pop! releases scheduled to be released between October and December.

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    Who is the CEO of Funko?

    What Funko Pop is number 2?

    Amazon.com: Funko POP! Funko Freddy Funko Exclusive Vinyl Figure #02 [All-American] : Toys & Games.

    What was the first Funko ever made?

    A Brief History of Funko. Funko history began in 1998 when Mike Becker founded the little company with a nostalgia-themed bobblehead line called Wacky Wobblers. The first item the company ever created was the Big Boy bobblehead.

    Why are Funko Pops expensive?

    Funko Pops Are Expensive Due To Market Demand vs.

    Unfortunately, the value people give each Pop and its rarity in the market make these 3.75 inches tall and 4 ounces heavy pieces of Vinyl plastics expensive.

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    of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Gold Chrome

    Brand POP
    Cartoon Character Guardians_of_the_Galaxy

    Funko Pop's Mickey Mouse Metallic vinyl action figure was debuted and distributed at the San Diego Comic-Con. It is considered #1 in the POP!

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