Whats The Safest Job In The Military?



What is the easiest military job?

At the ASVAB stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Army or Air Force. At the basic training stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Air Force.

Which military branch does not go to war?

So the safest military branch in terms of man-to-man combat and machine-to-machine accidents is the Space Force.

Which branch of military has highest death rate?

The Marine Corps experienced the highest fatality rates per 100,000 for all causes (122.5), unintentional injury (77.1), suicide (14.0), and homicide (7.4) of all the services. The Army had the highest disease and illness-related fatality rate (20.2 per 100,000) of all the services.

Which branch of military is the hardest?

The U.S. Marine Corps is known as the toughest and most aggressive branch of the military but is only 1/10 of the size of the Army. Marines are also known to be the first ones called into war, and they perform many of the same duties as all of the other branches of the military.

What is the coolest job in the military?

Here's a look at some of the coolest military jobs you can get in the different branches of the military.

  • Navy SEAL.
  • Air Force Cyber Warfare Expert.
  • Coast Guard Boat Forces.
  • Marine Corps Combat Photographer.
  • Army Golden Knight.
  • Navy Diver.
  • Marine Corps Grunt.
  • Air Force Combat Controller.
  • What boot camp is the hardest?

    Marine Corps Basic Training

    Largely considered the toughest basic training program of the United States Armed Forces, Marine training is 12 weeks of physical, mental, and moral transformation.

    Which military branch has the most females?

    Once again, the Air Force, with 13.5 percent, has the largest share of women, and the Marine Corps, with 5.2 percent, has the smallest. The Army, with 11.0 percent women, follows the Air Force; and the Navy and the Coast Guard are made up of 7.3 percent and 6.3 percent women, respectively.

    What percentage of 18 year olds join the military?

    Approximately, 87 percent of new recruits are 18- to 24-year-olds, compared to about 29 percent of the comparable civilian population. The Marine Corps enlists the greatest percentage of 17- and 18-year-old recruits (48 percent) and the smallest percentage of those over age 21 (11 percent).

    Which military branch is the best for travel?

    The Navy is probably the best place for those who like to travel. There are only a few ratings (jobs) in the Navy that won't spend a significant amount of time at sea.

    Which branch goes to war first?

    However, after some conversations, Congress added it to the Navy, making them “sister services” from then on. The Marines are often the first on the ground in combat situations, leading the charge when conflict arises. They also serve on Navy ships, protect Naval bases and guard U.S. embassies.

    What branch pays the most?

    Top 12 Highest Paying Military Branch 2022 | Which Military Branch Pays the Most?

  • #1. U.S. Navy.
  • #2. U.S. Coast Guard.
  • #3. U.S. Marine Corps.
  • #4. U.S. Army.
  • #5. U.S. Air Force.
  • #6. U.S. Space Force.
  • What military branch is best for family life?

    The Air Force has the reputation of having the best quality of life programs (dormitories, family housing, on-base shopping and services, and recreation) of all the military service branches.

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    Are drill sergeants allowed to hit you?

    Except this is the new Army, an army that no longer allows drill sergeants to be cussing, ranting, abusive beasts. They cannot slap, hit, kick, punch or call privates names anymore.

    Can you quit the army?

    You can't just quit the Army once you are on active duty. You are contractually obligated to remain in service for the period to which you committed. But soldiers are discharged from duty early due to physical or psychological inability to perform duties, for drug abuse, misconduct, and other infractions.

    Can you quit basic training?

    Basic Training

    If you have NOT been to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and have NOT taken an Oath of Enlistment, you are free to quit the process at any time.

    Why is a Marine not a soldier?

    Historically, marines serve as a navy's ground troops. In fact, the word "marine" is the French word for sea, which may be why the French military historically called English troops — who all had to arrive by sea — "marines."

    What is the most elite military?

    Top Ten, Most Elite Special Operation Units in the US Military

  • USMC Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team.
  • USAF Pararescuemen, PJ.
  • US Army 75th Ranger Regiment.
  • US Army Intelligence Support Activity.
  • USMC Force Reconnaissance.
  • US Navy Seals.
  • US Army Delta Force.
  • What is the most badass job?

    6 Badass Jobs That You're Probably Already Qualified to Do

  • 6 Bounty Hunter. Getty. Duration 0:00.
  • 5 Martial Arts Instructor. Getty. The Badass Job:
  • 4 Private Detective. Getty. The Badass Job:
  • 3 Hazmat Worker. Getty. The Badass Job:
  • 2 Ice Road Trucker. Getty. The Badass Job:
  • 1 Bodyguard. The Badass Job:
  • What military jobs are in high demand?

    Top 20 Most Needed Army Military Occupational Specialties

  • # 20: 35P Cryptologic Linguist.
  • # 19: 35F Intelligence Analyst.
  • # 18: 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist.
  • # 17: 09L Translator/Interpreter.
  • # 16: 13F Fire Support Specialist.
  • # 15: 68W Health Care Specialist.
  • # 14: 11X Infantry.
  • # 13: 12P Prime Power Production Specialist.
  • What is the smartest job in the military?

    Here's a look at six of the top military jobs requiring a high IQ.

  • Navy Machinist's Mate Nuclear.
  • Air Force Scientific Applications Specialist.
  • Army Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer.
  • Navy Electronics Technician Nuclear.
  • Navy Cryptologic Technician – Networks.
  • Navy Electrician's Mate Nuclear.
  • What branch is the youngest?

    Initially part of the U.S. Army, the United States Air Force was made a separate branch on 18 September 1947. The Air Force is the youngest branch and responsible for most aerial operations (though all branches have some).

    Is Army or Marines harder?

    The Marine Corps members are called marines, not soldiers, and they typically have to go through much more intense basic training than those in the Army do, creating a reputation for being some of the toughest and most highly trained fighters.

    What are female soldiers called?

    shieldmaiden. woman warrior. warrioress. “But when this female soldier triumphed over hundreds of the country's best rifle shooters, she became the first woman to win a particular national shooting title.” Find more words!

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    Can you be pregnant and join the military?

    Military Pregnancy Regulations

    She can't enter active duty until her pregnancy is over (either through birth or termination). In the Navy, most separation requests due to pregnancy are denied, unless it would be in the best interest of the Navy, or, the servicewoman demonstrates a compelling personal need.

    What is the Navy like for females?

    Serving in the Navy is challenging, exciting and rewarding. And for women, it's incredibly empowering. Your responsibilities are significant, your respect is well-earned and your lifestyle is liberating. A career in the Navy is an opportunity to push your limits personally and professionally.

    What percent of U.S. military is black?

    Today, Blacks comprise not quite 20% of the active-duty Army and only 13% of the Army National Guard.

    What percent of the Army is female 2021?

    The overall enlistment of females stands at 0.7 percent. The country could see a boost to female enlistment soon as the Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for women to pursue all military leadership positions.

    What percent of the army is male?

    The total number of active duty military personnel in 2019 amounted to 1.3 million people.

    Characteristic Active-duty enlisted women Active-duty enlisted men
    White 54.08% 69.86%
    Black 28.92% 16.94%
    American Indian, Alaska Native 1.39% 1.16%
    Asian 4.97% 4.43%

    Should I join Army or Air Force?

    If you prefer a job that sees more combat, though, the Army may be the right choice for you. If you have more interest in technology, you'll find more opportunities in the Air Force. But there are ample opportunities for combat ground roles in the USAF and also plenty of tech jobs in the Army.

    How fit do I need to be to join the Army?

    You don't have to be extremely fit to join the army. You do need to be within the normal weight range for someone your height and should be able to pass a diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test, but beyond that, Basic Combat Training will prepare you for the physical fitness standards of the big army.

    Who gets deployed the most?

    Soldiers on active duty in the Army deploy more than any other branch, with the possible exception of the Navy (although most Navy deployments are on ships at sea). How often you deploy depends on whether the U.S. is involved in any ongoing conflicts.

    What is the newest branch of the military?

  • It is the first new branch of the military in 73 years.
  • The Space Force mission is to enhance the way U.S. forces fight and to provide decision makers with additional military options.
  • Which military branch is least likely to get deployed?

    When one examines the numbers by branch and component, those with the lowest average numbers of deployments were the Coast Guard and Marine Corps reserves (1.22 and 1.29, respectively) and those in the regular Coast Guard (1.28).

    Is 32 too old for the military?

    Most people know you must be at least 17 years old to enlist in the military, but they are now aware that there is also a maximum age cap for applicants.

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    Maximum Military Age.

    Military Branch Too Old to Join the Military
    The US Air Force > 39 years old
    The US Marine Corps > 28 years old
    The US Coast Guard > 32 years old

    Who makes the most money in the military?

    Salary across the US military is paid according to rank. US Military branch pays the most starting salary as an enlisted service member in their first six months earn about $20, 000 per year. The US military officer pay is much higher as newly commissioned officers earn over $38, 000 annually.

    What is the highest paying Air Force job?

    Aerospace Propulsion Analyst is the highest paying job at United States Air Force at $69,599,000 annually.

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    ​Yes, it is possible to fail basic training. You could go through the trouble of leaving your home, job, family and friends and come back a failure. In fact, this happens to about 15% of recruits who join the military every year. Too many recruits I speak to think that it is impossible to fail basic training.

    The U.S. Marine Corps is known as the toughest and most aggressive branch of the military but is only 1/10 of the size of the Army. Marines are also known to be the first ones called into war, and they perform many of the same duties as all of the other branches of the military.

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