Which Is Better Hawaii Or Cancun?



Is Mexico or Hawaii better?

When it comes to safety, Hawaii is a better choice. When it comes to affordability, Mexico is a better choice. Hawaai has better natural beauty than Mexico. Mexico has a rich culture and history.

Is Maui or Cancun better?

Both have good marine opportunities. Maui has far better food--just so very much better if that is important to you--and, of course, safe drinking water. Things are $$$ on Maui, much more so than on the mainland. Things are well-priced in Cancun, where you can check into an AI and have everything paid for upfront.

Is Cancun or Hawaii cheaper?

Cancun is much cheaper than Hawaii when it comes to hotels and flights, but can get congested during peak times like spring break and as a winter getaway destination. On the other hand, Hawaii has more sandy beaches but can be quite expensive for budget travelers.

Is Hawaii water warmer than Cancun?

The water is much calmer and warmer in Cancun compared to Hawaii too – no surprise considering this Mexican destination sits on the Caribbean Sea.

Is it cheaper to vacation in Mexico or Hawaii?

Hawaii is a more expensive vacation destination than Mexico for a number of reasons. Firstly, Hawaii is a longer travel distance from Mexico for many folks, which makes airfare more expensive. Tickets always depend largely on how long the trip is, so Hawaii is almost always more expensive than Mexico in this aspect.

Is it cheaper to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean?

Price Points. Typically, given the longer air transit time (6 hours from Los Angeles) and higher cost of living, a trip to Hawaii will cost more than a jaunt to the Caribbean. Again, a lot depends on where you're traveling from, but overall, you'll get more for your money in the Caribbean.

Is Cabo safer than Cancun?

Cancun is quite safe for tourists as long as some basic precautions are taken, like keeping away from deserted areas, not going out at night, and other common-sense rules. The few incidents of crime that do take place here are usually petty theft. Similarly, Cabo is also a relatively safe spot for tourists.

Is Bahamas better than Cancun?

The bottom line: It's hard to pick a winner between Cancun vs Bahamas when it comes to accommodations. Both locations have some of the nicest resorts in the world. However, Atlantis Paradise Island is hard to beat, and is overall the best resort in either location.

Do you need a passport to go to Cancun?

Traveling by air to Cancun: your passport

In order to fly in and out of Mexico, a passport is essential. It must be a proper passport booklet and not just a passport card, because the card cannot be used for international air travel. The passport book must be valid for the duration of your stay.

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Which island has the best beach in Hawaii?

With 227 miles of shoreline, Oahu is the best Hawaiian Island for beaches. Oahu has the best beaches in Hawaii due to Oahu's many protected bays, reefs surrounding the island, gold-sand beaches, and calm waters year-round.

Is Cancun a good place to honeymoon?

Cancun is a honeymoon destination for couples who want a paradise-like locale with convenience. There, you'll find white sand, the Caribbean Sea, golf courses, water sports and historic sites like the Mayan ruins.

Is Fiji better than Hawaii?

If you're comparing Fiji vs Hawaii in terms of serene tranquility, cultural authenticity, and natural beauty, then Fiji is the best choice. To get a truly remarkable experience, you will want to visit the private sanctuary of the Turtle Island Fiji resort.

What state is most like Hawaii?

Top 5 States Most Similar to Hawaii

  • California also has beautiful beaches and warm weather, although on average it is much drier.
  • Washington is another mountainous state on the Pacific Coast, like Hawaii and California, however its climate is much cooler.
  • Is St Lucia cheaper than Hawaii?

    Hawaii is way more expensive than St. Lucia.

    Is it cheaper to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas?

    Overall, The Bahamas is about 7% more expensive than Hawaii.

    Is Puerto Rico better than Hawaii?

    Hawaii is better for vacation if you enjoy hiking, outdoor adventures in comfortably warm weather, and vibrant local culture. Puerto Rico is better if you are a beach lover who likes exploring historical sites such as forts, swimming in fish-rich waters, and spending nights on the dance floor.

    What is the best month to visit Hawaii?

    The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

    Is Hawaii or the Virgin islands better?

    Both are amazing, incredible places and have their own draws. USVI is great for beaches, swimming, snorkeling, lush greenery, wide range of accomodations, etc. Hawaii has all of these, and I'd recommend Hawaii because it also has volcanoes, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, etc to boot.

    Is Hawaii water clear?

    While it's not as crystal clear as the waters of the Caribbean, it's still very tropical in nature and quite pretty. The water turns to a darker blue as you head into deeper waters. Hawaiian beaches are remarkably clean and maintenance keeps them in great conditions.

    Is Jamaica cheaper than Hawaii?

    Hawaii is also a much more expensive place to visit than Jamaica – the latter of which has accommodation and food options to suit all budgets. In terms of safety, there's no doubt Hawaii is safer regarding crime.

    Why is Cancun so popular?

    Cancun is recognized worldwide for its spectacular beaches of fine white sand, its fascinating turquoise blue sea and unparalleled weather, as well as excellent air and land connectivity, and a first-class hotel infrastructure that places it as one of the best destinations tourist in the world

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    Is Riviera Maya better than Cancun?

    Despite the fact that the beach is beautiful in both places, some people prefer the beach in Cancun because it's wider and more vibrant in color than the beach in the Riviera Maya. Many honeymooners choose the Riviera Maya because the region tends to be more romantic.

    What is the best month to go to Cancun?

    The most popular time to visit Cancun is from December through April. The weather is generally clear and warm, but not too hot. Expect temps between 75 and 90 degrees, as well as little rain. Occasionally, cold fronts can blow in chillier weather for a few days.

    Which is better Playa del Carmen or Cancun?

    Playa del Carmen: final thoughts. All in all Playa del Carmen has more of a beach town feel while Cancun of a city. Playa has also a strategic location very much closer to everything while from Cancun, it takes longer to reach the main tourist destinations in the surroundings.

    Is Cancun or Nassau safer?

    If you're staying in Nassau, it's no safer to travel around the whole island than it is the area around Punta Cana or the hotel strip in Cancun. If you don't know where to go, and where to stay away from, it could be worse on New Providence.

    Is Cozumel better than Cancun?

    Cancun was made for tourists and offers a wide range of the most luxurious stays. But in the end, it's a very urban city with almost no Mexican charm to offer. So, if you're looking to experience Mexico in all its glamor, then Cozumel is a far better option compared to Cancun.

    Is it expensive to go to Cancun?

    The average price of a 7-day trip to Cancun is $1,116 for a solo traveler, $2,004 for a couple, and $3,758 for a family of 4. Cancun hotels range from $25 to $525 per night with an average of $39, while most vacation rentals will cost $20 to $440 per night for the entire home.

    Is there a travel warning to Cancun?

    U.S. citizens should exercise increased caution in the downtown areas of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum after dark.” Although the message sounds stark, tourists should be aware that the overwhelming majority of visits to the region are completely safe.

    What is the crime rate in Cancun Mexico?

    Cancun saw 337 murders in 2021 and 2022 has already started with some horrifying numbers, leading to its homicide rate of 36.81 per 100,000. The global average is around 6 per 100,000. There is danger in the city due largely to the presence of organized crime.

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    Which Hawaiian island has clearest water?

    The island of Kauai offers some of Hawaii's cleanest and clearest waters. Ke'e Beach Park features a reef lagoon that is home to green sea turtles and vibrant reef fish.

    What month is cheapest to visit Hawaii?

    The cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is during February and March. The most expensive month to fly is December when the holiday period falls, with January being very expensive as well. The peak travel months of June and July are surprisingly not the most expensive months for flights, with middle figure prices.

    Which Hawaiian island is cheapest?

    Oahu is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit, with a total cost of $2,625. A Ko Olina Resort lagoon on Oahu. Maui is the most expensive island to visit, coming in nearly $1,000 more expensive, with a total cost of $3,600.

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    A Saint Lucia vacation may just be the perfect Hawaii alternative for people who want a vacation that's a mixture of luxurious and laid back. You can have the best of both worlds on this island which offers a range of accommodation from modest villas to elegant resorts.

    The water is much calmer and warmer in Cancun compared to Hawaii too – no surprise considering this Mexican destination sits on the Caribbean Sea.

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