Why Are My Normal Text Messages Not Sending?



How do I fix messages not sending?

  • Check Blocked Numbers. If you can't send text messages to one person, it could be that their number is blocked.
  • Clear Your Text Message App's Cache and Data.
  • Reset SMS Settings to Default.
  • Check SMSC.
  • Why does my phone not send messages to one person?

    Open the “Contacts” app and ensure the phone number is correct. Also try the phone number with or without the “1” before the area code. I have seen it both work and not work in either configuration. Personally, I just fixed a problem texting where the “1” was missing.

    Why messages are not coming in my phone?

    Steps to follow when Android is not receiving text messages:

    Clear the cache from your text app. Make sure your SIM card is inserted properly. Ensure your phone is not in Airplane Mode. Confirm that your carrier supports SMS and MMS messaging.

    Why does it say unable to send message blocking is active?

    The “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error message could mean you have a service outage. So you'd want to give it a few minutes or hours before retrying as there is a chance that your network provider is doing maintenance, and might have paused the messaging service.

    What other factors may have caused delays in delivering text messages?

    5 reasons why SMS is delayed

  • Coverage.
  • Network Traffic.
  • Issues with a Mobile Device.
  • Error on the Operator's Server.
  • Different Networks.
  • Your Phone may be Switched Off for a Long Time.
  • Ported Phone Numbers may be the Reason for SMS Delivery Failure.
  • The Number is in Roaming.
  • Why are my texts not sending iPhone?

    If your iPhone is not sending messages, first make sure your phone has service, as the issue may be with the Wi-Fi or cellular network, not your device itself. Check in your iPhone's Settings app that various messaging options are turned on so that your phone can dispatch texts if iMessage fails.

    How do I clear my text cache?

  • Tap the three-dot dropdown menu.
  • Tap "History" on the dropdown menu.
  • Check "Cached images and files" and then tap "Clear data."
  • Tap "Storage" in your Android's settings.
  • Tap "Internal storage."
  • Tap "Cached data."
  • Tap "OK" to clear app cache.
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    How can u tell if someone has your number blocked?

    If an Android user has blocked you, Lavelle says, “your text messages will go through as usual; they just won't be delivered to the Android user.” It's the same as an iPhone, but without the “delivered” notification (or lack thereof) to clue you in.

    What is the difference between a text message and an SMS?

    A text message of up to 160 characters without an attached file is known as an SMS, while a text that includes a file—like a picture, video, emoji, or a website link—becomes an MMS.

    What is message blocker?

    What is message blocking in Android ? Message blocking is an option where you'll not send or receive any messages from people. In this case, certain features are not available, Users won't receive or send any text messages (SMS) or MMS from other contacts. The user won't receive an instant message.

    How do I turn off SMS blocker on my phone?

    Tap the three-dot menu button again, tap Settings, SMS, then tap “Blocked numbers” to see the blacklist. Change your mind about a specific caller on the list? Tap the “Unblock” button next to their name. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

    Why do my texts say sent but not delivered?

    If you get the 'Delivered' notification, it means your number isn't blocked. Otherwise, it may be an indication that your number is blocked. In Android, if your delivery reports are enabled and you still do not get any confirmation that your text has been sent, it may be an indication that your texts are blocked.

    Why are my messages delivering late?

    Your SIM card might actually have a lot of issues with it. It might be too old or is filled with scratches. In one way or method, your service provider can help you with your problems. They can recommend a new SIM, provide an upgrade, fix your phone, refresh your network, or even replace your mobile device unit.

    Why are my text messages coming in late?

    The Causes of Delayed or Missing Texts on Android

    Text messaging has three components: the devices, the app, and the network. These components have multiple points of failure. The device may not be working correctly, the network may not be sending or receiving messages, or the app may have a bug or other malfunction.

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    Does clearing text cache delete messages?

    Now when you clear the cache for the app, it only removes those temporary files, without affecting any of your personal data such as messages, pictures, accounts, files, etc.

    Is it OK to clear cache?

    Is it safe to clear an app's cache? In short, yes. Since the cache stores non-essential files (that is, files that are not 100% needed for the correct operation of the app), deleting it should not aversely affect the functionality of the app.

    Does clear data delete everything?

    Some apps can open slower the next time you use them. Clear data storage: Permanently deletes all app data. We recommend trying to delete from inside the app first.

    What happens when you text someone who blocked you?

    Blocked text messages disappear

    When someone that you've blocked texts you, their texts go nowhere. They won't receive any notification that they're blocked, and their messages will still look like they've been sent.

    What message does a blocked caller get on Verizon?

    If you block a number that sends you a text message, the sender will receive a text reply stating, “VZW FREE MSG: You cannot send messages to the destination that is blocked by the owner.” For phone calls, the caller hears, "Welcome to Verizon Wireless.

    Are you blocked if it says sent as text message?

    You can also try to check if your number has been blocked by sending the person a message. If the iMessage never shows a “Delivered” or “Read” message, and it's still blue, then you may have been blocked – but not always.

    Are text messages SMS or MMS?

    SMS and MMS are two ways to send what we commonly refer to under the umbrella term as text messages. The most simple way to understand the difference is that SMS refers to text messages, while MMS refers to messages with a picture or video.

    What is SMS limit?

    The character limit for a single SMS message is technically 160 characters. However, most modern phones and networks support message concatenation: they split large messages into individual SMS messages (called "segments") and then re-create the large message at the receiving end.

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    What does use simple characters mean?

    Simple character is a feature setting on your Google Messages application that converts the text's special characters into a simple message. Perhaps you're wondering why you're receiving something in your messages, and you don't understand it because it's written in a different format or language.

    What does 22 mean on a text log?

    22 is a Covid 19 tracking number it pings phones location as a text go into settings and disable it.

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  • Open Messages.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Reset all settings to factory values.
  • Restart your device.
  • The “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error message could mean you have a service outage. So you'd want to give it a few minutes or hours before retrying as there is a chance that your network provider is doing maintenance, and might have paused the messaging service.

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